Very special project coming soon

Together with Pauline van Dongen, Troy Nachtigall, Joe Hammond, Stephan Wensveen and Lilian Admiraal, I have been working on a very special project this summer. The project involves 3D printing, screen printing and generative design. The result will be revealed in a few weeks, so stay tuned!
Photo credits to Pauline van Dongen on Instagram.

Post-Couture Collective at DDW 2015

The Post-Couture Collective is a collaboration between designers and experts from different disciplines: Martijn van Strien, Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, Digipattern, Jesse Kirschner and myself.
During the Dutch Design Week 2015, we will present a project focused on creating custom-made fast fashion in a future shopping experience. Follow the Post-Couture Collective on Instagram and Facebook, or visit the website.

3D Print project at Slem Waalwijk

Today we started a very interesting project at SLEM Waalwijk, an international innovation and education institute for footwear. In this project many (shoe) designers will be designing wearable 3D printed shoes for a spectacular exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2015 that takes place end of October. Together with fashion designer Pauline van Dongen, we will be creating one pair of 3D printed shoes based on our interests in generative design.
Visit the website from SLEM and the Dutch Design Week!
Photo credit: Nicoline van Enter

Great day at Tech Meets Design & BrightNight

Many thanks to the organisation of the Tech meets Design and Bright Night from last week: Accenture, Bright and Wearable Senses. It was great presenting my work, participating in the on-stage discussions and having a gathering with so many interesting people!

Presentation and exhibtion at Tech meets Design & BrightNight

This week is Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven. Accenture in collaboration with Bright and Wearable Senses will show a new perspective on the wearables of the future. I will give a pitch presentation in the afternoon and present my work during the evening. Hope to see you there! For more information; BrightNight, Tech meets Design.

Presentation and exhibtion at D(esign) day

I am very happy to announce that I will be presenting the This Fits Me project at D(esign) Day in Maastricht, 15 till 17 May 2015. On saturday, I will be giving a lecture about the process and further development of my graduation project. During the weekend I will also be showing the garments in an exhibition. For more information, click here.

Interview with dezeen and mini frontiers (video)

During the Dutch Design Week 2014, Dezeen and Mini Frontiers visited me at my exhibition. The interview is now online on their website, thank you Dezeen! Watch the item here.

Interview on digital craftmanship in this month's elle magazine

Last December I did a very cool photo shoot and interview with the Dutch ELLE magazine. The item is now featured in their March magazine, featuring 5 talented young designers combing new techniques with craftsmanship. Thank you ELLE!

This Fits me at RTL Boulevard

Today the project ‘This Fits Me’ was featured at the Dutch television show RTL Boulevard.
Watch the item here.

Dutch Design Week great succes!

This years Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven was a great succes! Thanks for visiting and all the great feedback you have given me during this week. This gives me great motivation to keep on developing the project This Fits Me further.
The project has been featured in several articles and interviews on Dutch television.

This Fits Me at RTL Z

Today the Dutch TV station RTL Z visited my exhibition at the Dutch Design Week. Their question was if this way of designing can make custom fit garments more affordable.
Watch the item here.

Open Wearables Labs at ArcInTex Conference

Today I was part of the Open Wearables Labs at the ArcInTex Conference that was held in Eindhoven. Students and professionals were invited to learn more about my graduation project ‘This Fits Me’ and participate in a worksop to co-create and explore new and interesting directions for this project.

This Fits Me Process Video is now online!

The video shows the design process of the project ‘This Fits Me’. This way we hope to show the value and opportunities of creating garments with these new technologies.

This video will also be shown at the exhibition Mind the Step during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

The Future of Wearables.

During the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven this October, I will present my graduation project “This Fits Me”. At the event ‘The Future of Wearables’, several speakers will tell their perspective on the future of fashion.
I will provide more insights in how the generatively designed garments are created and how this can change today’s fashion industry and shopping experience.
Interested? Subscribe at DOK [. ] PUNT.

'This Fits Me' at Dutch Design Week 2014.

My graduation project ‘This Fits Me’ will be exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2014. It will be part of the exhibition Mind the Step at Klokgebouw in Eindhoven.
Information about this exhibition can be found here.

Its fashion weekend Eindhoven 2014.

This weekend, one of the ‘This Fits Me’ dresses will be exhibited during It’s Fashion Weekend. It will be shown at the store of DOK [. ] PUNT in Eindhoven. Visit the website of It’s Fashion Weekend here.

The dress will stay at DOK [. ] PUNT till the Dutch Design Week in October.

Bridges MathArt Galleries in Seoul.

This August, professor Loe Feijs from the University of Technology Eindhoven, has presented the Voronoi Dress at the Bridges Mathematical Art Gallery in Seoul, Korea. The focus of this presentation was the mathematical background of the generative pattern of the dress.
I am very pleased that fashion items are accepted by the mathematical conference and hope it shows the strength of combining different fields of expertise.
More information on the dress at the Bridges conference can be found here.

Shooting the Video

Today, Eunbi and I shot a process video about our project This Fits Me, together with Tim from The video explains the process of creating the generatively designed dresses and our collaboration in this project. The video will be shown during Dutch Design Week 2014 in Eindhoven, but will also be on our portfolio websites soon.

Exhibition Museum de Kantfabriek

I am very happy to announce that two of the three dresses from the This Fits Me project will be exhibited at Museum the Kantfabriek in Horst, Limburg. The theme of the exhibition is ‘Traditie ontmoet Toekomst’ (Tradition meets the Future) and features many other projects related to this topic. Special thanks to Marina Toeters and Loe Feijs for the invitation. The exhibition runs till the 28th of September 2014. Visit the website here.