Be-Tween Shoes

Flexible 3d Printed Shoes

Be-tween is a pair of comfortable 3D printed shoes made with the flexible filament ‘Filaflex’. The Be-tween shoes were especially created for the Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science: Jet Bussemaker.

To create the shoes, a 3D foot scan is translated into a digital last to build the base model of the shoes. On the outside surface of the shoe, a line pattern is projected that is informed by the shape of the foot. The line pattern is dynamically extruded into strands that gradually increase in length towards the back of the shoe.

To develop the shoes, many small samples were 3D printed to test the properties of the material and find the desired line thickness and colour of the shoe. Larger samples were printed to test the comfort and stability of the shoe. The samples and the final shoes were printed on a desktop printer.

In collaboration with Pauline van Dongen, Troy Nachtigall, SLEM Waalwijk and University of Technology Eindhoven.
Photocredit: Thomas Mutsaers.

June 2015 - September 2015